VMA (Iceland)

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Verkmenntaskólinn á Akureyri

VMA is a comprehensive vocational college, the main vocational educational institution in Northern Iceland, offering a wide range of courses in both academic and vocational studies. It was founded in 1984 by merging institutions that offered study programmes in trades, mechanics, household studies and additional studies after 10th grade.
Now VMA is offering VET studies in carpentry, plumbing and other building trades. Also electricity and electronics, metalworks, auto mechanics and ship mechanics towards an international certification. Other VET studies offered are cooking and catering, hairdressing and assistant nursing.
VMA has a Special Education department supporting students that need special care and help.
Visual art and textile art programmes are offered towards a matriculation to university and also academic programmes in natural sciences, social sciences, sports and business studies.
All VET programmes also offer an opportunity to finish studies towards matriculation to university with their VET studies.
Total number of students is around 1200 and a few hundred in distance education. Staff is around 140.

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