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Union Nationale des Maisons Familiales Rurales d’Education et d’Orientation

The Rural Family Homes (Maisons Familiales Rurales) movement has 431 training associations spread over the French rural territory, including the overseas territories. Above all, they are associations that register in their territory to respond appropriately to the needs of families, professionals and communities. The main objective of the Rural Family Houses is to train using alternance young people and adults so that beyond a job, they take part in the development of their territory. For almost 80 years now, the Maisons Familiales Rurales movement has developed an alternance pedagogy of its own, privileging experience in the training process. As such, the MFRs are subject to specific status recognition: training at an appropriate pace.
The Rural Family Houses are actors of agricultural education where they welcome 50 000 young people in a framework that recognizes their associative and pedagogical choices. They are also apprenticeship partners in the regions where they support 10,000 apprentices. Finally, they are stakeholders in adult education where they work with 30,000 trainees.
The Rural Family Houses offer 130 qualifications in more than 18 professional sectors: agriculture (breeding, horse trades, viticulture, arboriculture, horticulture), garden (green spaces, spatial planning, environment, forest), agribusiness (food, trades mouth), agricultural equipment (mechanical, public works, building, wood, electricity), catering (hotels, tourism), personal services (health, social), office automation (secretariat, management), trade, sales … The courses offered range from 4th grade to professional degree.
In total, the Rural Family Houses have 70,000 members, 8,000 administrators and 8900 employees, most of whom are trainers and employees of associations.
While being established locally, each MFR registered its actions in a federative departmental, regional and national organization facilitating meetings between associative or educational leaders. The movement also has a National Pedagogical Center.

The Rural Family Homes Union has been in existence since 1942. Its board of directors is made up of representatives of the associations. The team of “permanent” includes 30 people. As head of the network, she carries a mission of animation and coordination. It is in contact with national decision-makers and external partners for projects that concern the movement. She works with associations to help them realize their projects.
His field of intervention covers issues related to the family, youth, education, vocational training, the social and solidarity economy and rural development.
The MFR movement is a member of the French Rural Network, the Union des Familles Rurales and the European network “Ruralité Environnement Développement”. MFRs are involved in international cooperation actions. More than 450 vocational training centers based on the MFR model exist around the world. 20 departmental / regional federations accompany, with the support of UNMFREO, the creation and structuring of the MFR networks in some thirty countries.


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