Territorial profile: Iceland – some comments

1Nov - by Hildur Fridriksdottir - 0 - In Territorial profiles

On the last day the group wrapped up the Icelandic session with inputs from different participants.

Brigit asked:

How is it that Jóhannes says that VMA is not very well connected to the workplaces but we hear a lot about the connections. Jóhannes says it is too personal based and sporadic.

Guillome thinks in France we need to institutionalize the contact because of the size of the society but here the few people make it possible for informal contact and perhaps the contact is good and the dialouge is good even if it is not institutionalized.


Believes that training can be at the service of development only when there is a developmental plan. Then the training system can support the strategy but if not they need to sell their courses. Has the feeling that this link is a bit missing we need a more structured plan/strategy.

With a missing link of a strategy there is another way which is to activate/involve the skill of trainers in a specific sector. A great opportunity to support those that are for example working in tourism. You can develop tourism all over or have a product approach. It is a great opportunity for the training system to use this boom in tourism.

How does a training center be a service to the terrritory without giving everything free?

No system can avoid having to invent your solutions.

Innovation, creativity, daring, the key might lie in taking an entrepreneurial posture. We also have businesses developing but perhaps the regional development comes after or second to the business.


Thanks for the meeting. Two sets of glasses, developmental and rural glasses, thank you for breaking the glasses.

The level of freedom is good. The capacity to trust yourselves. Collective capacity as you moved from human capital to social territorial capital. You can work together. This tells a high level of developmental capacity.

Administrative structure seems to be good to develop a mindset but does not need to be the other way around.


Is impressed by the zen attitude. Everywhere people is relaxed. He is jealous. In Reunion we struggle with unemployment rate of 33% but not 3%. The atmosphere is perhaps relaxed because of this. Iceland is rich?

How does Iceland work?

Perhaps Iceland / Akureyri does not need to have a defined territory because of your identity.

We are also a bit puzzled because we want to develop processes for developing strategies but perhaps you do not need such structure, you are practical.

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