Sol et Civilisation (France)

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Created in 1991, the Sol et Civilization Association is a “think and do tank” that supports territorial actors in their strategic change initiatives while seeking the most innovative and operational tools. It has been involved for over 10 years in employment and skills issues in the territories. It also carries out study missions to the national authorities in charge of these policies, such as the Ministry of Labor and the Commissioner General and Territorial Equality.
Since 1997, the association has run a working group whose main theme concerns activities and employment in rural areas. This group is made up of business leaders, researchers, practitioners of territorial development.
The association Sol et Civilization has about 5 full-time equivalents. It has a Board of Directors, an Orientation Committee and 3 permanent reflection groups, including two autonomous, and a group directly led by the Association Sol and Civilization. The work of the groups focuses on territorial governance, agriculture, employment and training in rural areas.

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