IFOCAP (France)

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Founded in 1959, IFOCAP was created by activist farmers to support farmers who take on responsibilities in their professional organizations.

Since then, the generations succeed to complete their initial training and train themselves to the exercise of their responsibility: young farmers newly employed, senior administrators working in syndicalism, mutualism or cooperation … actors on the territories and in the economic sectors.

The Institute now also welcomes employees from professional organizations or agricultural education and rural stakeholders. According to the Association law 1901, the IFOCAP is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture under collective promotion, and the Ministry of Labor and Employment under continuing vocational training.

Its board of directors is composed of about twenty members:
– farmers from all metropolitan territories, employed in professional organizations and associations, locally or nationally;
– former trainees employed on their territory, or in sectors.

The IFOCAP, in 2016, has 10 employees including 6 trainers and organizes 1800 trainee days.

The four main missions of IFOCAP are:

– Training, individual and collective, to help participants to better understand their environment, to strengthen their analytical capacity, to facilitate their decision-making and action.
– The support of organizations or teams in their strategic thinking, according to a program tailored to their needs, with a possible follow-up of its operational implementation.
– Research through an “observatory of the skills of agricultural and rural stakeholders” with the animation of thematic projects to which experts and partners contribute, and the piloting of experimental programs of innovative training.
– Openness to other geographical or sectoral realities through study tours, European and international exchanges and support for foreign organizations in developing their training strategy.

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