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The MFRs have existed in Reunion since 1966 and today have 7 associations: the MFR of Tampon, the MFR of the East, the MFR of the West, the MFR of Saint-Pierre, the MFR of the Plaine des Palmistes and the CFP MFR. All are grouped within the Federation of MFR of the REUNION, endowed with a board of directors composed of representatives of the associations MFR (a parents committee and a trainers committee), who lead a team animated by the director of the federation.
These associations are composed of parents, but also of professionals, elected officials or local officials, in total 75 members and 76 administrators. Each of them runs a training establishment or center that welcomes young people and / or adults and has a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture.
The MFRs of Reunion welcome a total of 720 young people in training: 4th and 3rd of agricultural education, CAPA (Certificate of Professional Agricultural Ability) conducted over two years and professional baccalaureate conducted for them, out of three. They also accompany 120 adults in their training course.
The training offered by the RMCs of Reunion is part of the following professional sectors: agriculture and livestock; horticulture and arboriculture; landscaping gardens and green spaces; Environmental protection ; wildlife and the maintenance of rural areas; tourism, hospitality and animation; trade, sale and warehousing; personal services; health and social.

The trainings take place at an appropriate pace, with time in the center and time in the companies. This distribution of training time allows learners to appropriate professional dimensions and to give meaning to formal learning. On the other hand, young people are immersed in the world of business for more than 50% of training time which is an indisputable asset facilitating their future hires. Each internship period can also be used as an experience acquired which meets the law “lifelong training”.
In their education project, the MFR integrate into the training system the family, professional and cultural spaces. They propose a pedagogy of integrative alternation at the border of formal, non-formal and informal education, a pedagogy that presupposes a close relationship between the various actors (young people or adults, professionals, families and members of the educational team). The MFR teams in RĂ©union have 83 employees.

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