Episode VIII.4 – Saint Pierre

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23.05.2019. Reunion Island

We started out our day by visiting the local MFR office and going over all previous activities. Delegates of all participating countries presented their views and knowledge on good practices of territorial cooperation. The workshop was led by Brigitte Gehin.

Afterward, we shared experiences with Eduard Rabeniary and Raj Jatoo, director delegates of MFR Indian Ocean where both Madagascar and Mauritius are included.

Next workshop delved into the subject of sustainability and insularity, and it was led by David Lorion and Willy Araboux.

During the whole day, representatives of countries participating in the project, together with Vanessa Antoine, had discussions and voiced their observations.

Last activity of the day was visiting the local MFR where a craft workshop was held – we made hats out of coconut leaves, and later on spent our free time enjoying Creole music, dance, food and culture.

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