Episode VIII.3 – Reunion Island

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22.05.2019 Reunion Island

National Park “La Reunion” officially exists since 2007, and in 2010 it became a part of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.

In the National Park, located in Plane de Palmistes, we met the director of the Park, Mr. Jean-Philippe Delorme, who presented us the information that there are two different levels of Park management, the administrative part, and the part that deals with the Park directly. Both sections coordinate their efforts in between themselves, but also with the locals of the Island.

We had a tour guide who led us through the Park’s main building that had unique decorations representing both flora and fauna found at the location. From the main building, it’s possible to see both volcanic peaks of the Island.

Park rules, history, and interesting facts are shown through a number of photographs, reliefs and models, slideshows, and a recorded video. One of the models of the Park shows different ways of dividing the territory; geographically there are four different sections; when it comes to land, there are three different types – arable, non-arable and inhabited; there are also three different zones shown, depending on types of vegetation present.

The nature part of the Park is used to preserve Island-specific species of trees, plants and other greenery.

There is also a sculpture gallery nearby where, with artist’s supervision, it’s possible for children to make pendants and sculptures, which are later on sold, which helps to promote the Island’s culture.

After the visit to the National Park, we participated in a workshop called “Change oriented approaches and territorial cooperation” held by Vanessa Gautier. In a simple, yet engaging way, different methods of work were shown, along with ways of preparing projects and selecting project partners.

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