Episode VIII.1 – Reunion Island

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20.05.2019. Reunion Island

The first day at the Reunion Island started off with a visit to the MFR office in Plaine des Palmistes. We were welcomed by the MFR Reunion Island president François Antier, together with his associates, and delegates from Iceland, Belgium, France, Slovenia, Mayotte, Madagascar, Romania, Bulgaria, and Bosnia & Herzegovina were all present at the session.

Fun facts and characteristics of the island were introduced to us using a very interesting method – through a quiz.

Brigitt Gehin led the first workshop, and its goal was to sum up impressions from previous visits. All of the session participants had the task of selecting one of the previous meetings and pointing out good practice f territorial cooperation.

Last activity of the day was a visit to Ressourcerie V.I.M.R., a recycling facility where we were shown excellent examples of how to recycle damaged electrical devices. The facility is set up in a somewhat renovated former hotel building, where adjustments were made to make it more suitable to its current uses, and it was an evident display of how successful teamwork and cooperation can provide with the best of results.

Personnel that works in the recycling facility are people with specific skill sets, employees of the facility and volunteers who are also trained and educated in certain skills necessary for the work there. There is also a shop that sells repaired devices that were previously thrown out, but also devices with different innovative upgrades. One of the examples is a suitcase with built-in solar panels so it’s transformed into a mobile power unit. Facility workers are collaborating with the managers of local stores, and also with the local population so they could get notified in time to come and pick up broken and unusable electrical devices.



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