Episode VII. 4 – Slovenia

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Škofja Loka – one Loka, two valleys, three mountain ranges, endless stories

Škofja Loka, 20. March 2019

On the last day of the visit in Slovenia, the events took place in Škofja Loka where we got the inside in the territorial development and planning, cooperation between schools and companies and also into some stories of the locals.

Alojzij Kokalj, Head of the Inter Business Education Center, mag. Mojca Šmelcer, Principal of the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering and Milan Štigl, Director of the Secondary School of Woodworking, presented the Škofja Loka School Center and the programs and projects they are carrying out. The InnoVET partners visited also workshops within the center and in Trata, where the Secondary School of Woodworking operates. They presented how the cooperation of the school centre with companies works and they showed us the products made by students and also the companies, which are run by students. You can find more information about two companies run by students and the products on the following links:

In the framework of the tour of the Škofja Loka area and good practices, we visited SORA Development Agency, DUO Handcrafting Center and Kreativnice in Škofja Loka. At the beginning of the meeting, the director of the Development Agency Sora, mag. Jurij Bernik presented the agency and its activities, and what areas work under its umbrella. Tina Čadež from the LAG office presented the implemented and running projects of the LAG Loško pogorje, cooperation projects and planned activities.

To conclude a working visit in Slovenia we visited the Art&Craft Centre of Škofja Loka – where tradition and modern creativity are intertwined in endless stories. The tradition of craftsmanship in Škofja Loka and the wider Gorenjska region is long and rich. Craftsmanship has long been developed in rural areas, as well as in urban areas, where the majority of merchants and crafts people lived. Today, the link between the rich craftsmanship of the past and creativeness of the present are a real treasure-trove of knowledge, co-operation, development and aesthetics, where you can see exhibitions, purchase handicrafts produced by master craftspeople according to the principles of fair-trade which bear the certificate of top-quality ‘Art & Craft Slovenia’, or take part in various handicraft workshops and courses, where you can awaken your own creativity and talent.

In The Art&Craft Centre of Škofja Loka and in the Creative Center Kreativnice we were discovering the creativeness of master craftspeople of the area and awakening our own creativity with Petra Plestenjak Podlogar.

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