Episode VII. 2 – Slovenia

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From Bled to the stars

Bled, 18. March 2019

The first day of the meeting took place in Bled, at the hotel Astoria, the first school hotel in Slovenia, where InnoVET participants were acquainted with key information about Slovenia, Gorenjska, regional development planning, CLLD implementation, LAG Gorenjska košarica and Slovene educational system.

Under the guidance of mentors dr. Bože Grafenauer and Cilke Demšar, students of the Higher Vocational College for Hospitality and Tourism Bled presented the school, programs and projects that are being carried out at the school and took us through the school hotel and school.

Mission of the Higher Vocational College for Hospitality and Tourism Bled is high quality education and training of people for jobs in hospitality and tourism, and additional development of competences in the school hotel in accordance with the needs and development tendencies of economy. According to the vision of the school “… in the years to come we will be building on the tradition of education in tourism and become a reputable higher education centre for quality lifelong education and training in the field of service activities, known also internationally. We will be known for our genuine relationships among the employees and students. «

The school premises are very well equipped, ensuring quality teaching process for both, students and teachers, and other employees. A component part of the institute is also a special organisational unit B2B education centre. School Hotel Astoria operates within it and higher education students undergo their practical training there. Practical training is available also to students from other schools.

In the afternoon, through interesting stories about the Bled Island, Rikli, the Bled Castle, … Bled came closer to the InnoVET partners.

Few facts from the students’ tour about Bled and the lake:

  • Lake Bled is undoubtedly the most recognizable tourist attraction in Slovenia.
  • Lake Bled is the only island in Slovenia.
  • The boat taking visitors to the island is called a Pletna.
  • The bell of the island’s church grants wishes.
  • There are 99 steps leading to the church at the top of the island.

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