Episode V.2 – Student Food Festival

17Oct - by Mihai Deac - 0 - In Episodes/Stories Romania

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Hosts and organizers: GAL Napoca Porolissum

Participants (organisations): UNMFFREO (France), FD MFR Reunion (France), IFOCAP (France), Sol et Civilisation (France), OFFA (Belgium), Verkmenntaskoli – VMA (Iceland), Vivasol (Lithuania),


The Annual Food Festival is organised by one of the GAL partners (University of Agricultural Science and Veternary Medicine) in Cluj-Napoca. It is an event in which students showcase the food products they have been working on for the whole semester. Innovation from the young generation is a big part of the entire activity. Students are encouraged to create new food products. Participation and involvement are high, so that products vary from pine tree jelly to rabbit-ginger ham. Some of the products have added nutritious benefits, some are dietetics (gluten free, healthy foods).

The event is big and there is important participation from the outside. There are many partners from the food industry who offer awards, sponsorship, grants and even jobs. As the area is confronted with a lack of qualified personnel in all domains, companies actively look to partner with educational institutions that can supply workforce.

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