Episode V.1 – Sâncraiu

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Location: Sâncraiu, Romania

Hosts and organizers: GAL Napoca Porolissum

Participants (organisations): UNMFFREO (France), FD MFR Reunion (France), IFOCAP (France), Sol et Civilisation (France), OFFA (Belgium), Verkmenntaskoli – VMA (Iceland), Vivasol (Lithuania),


Tourist activity highlighting the traditions of a Hungarian community in the village of Sîncraiu (about 60 KM from Cluj)

Presentation of a so-called “collective” approach, but which in our opinion looks more like an individual company. Originally, a man from the village, in a period of disturbances in professional life, via a network of influential people of the Hungarian Opera in Cluj, worked for the development of the reception of groups in the village around traditional activities of the Hungarian community  => embroidery, woodcarving, gastronomy, folk dances. Current governance: a man who has control over the activity (his hostel / tourist office Sîncraiu) centralizes all requests for bookings: similar to booking.com, with a commission system. Note: accommodation capacity of the village: 250 pers / night

Reconcile modernity and tradition:

Question of adapting to the market without losing one’s soul. No reflection on how to evolve the products (embroidery in particular) to adapt to the demand of tourists (washing in the machine, modernize the products derived from embroidery – tablecloths, kitchen naprons -). No maturity of the collective on how to preserve tradition (do not fall into the kitch side). No young people integrated in the process to ensure succession. This is a recurring problem and it shows there is a constant risk of losing traditional jobs and crafts for future generations. So how do we keep traditional jobs going?

Sustainability of the activity

It does not look like there is anybody willing and able to take over the business. How can the young generation take part in the initiation in traditional activities, apart from short term holiday camps?

Success factor:
The collective culture of the village of Sîncraiu but also other surrounding Hungarian villages is at the core of success for this enterprise.
Question: What is territorial development?


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