BSC, Business support centre, L.t.d., Kranj (Slovenia)

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BSC Kranj is the Gorenjska Regional Development Agency and, since 1995, has been acting as a link between business people, chambers, municipalities, institutes, ministries, and other institutions in areas such as: regional, local and cross-border development projects; entrepreneurship, competitiveness, technological development, human resource development, tourism; rural and spatial development, conservation of the environment; as well as technical assistance and collaboration with partners in the EU and other countries.
Furthermore, BSC Kranj is the prime company for the economical-social development of the region, and due to its competent, referential projects and its excellent partnership networks within and outside of the region, developmentally focused institutions are coming to this region. Within the context of these tasks, BSC Kranj has been providing information, counselling, and specialist support to the public sector, business people and investors.
Since its formation, BSC Kranj has been working in the area of information and communication both with the media, the wider public, and with specific groups depending on the current projects; especially about topics regarding the EU, project activities, and partners.
BSC Kranj is an independent non-profit organisation, a limited liability company with a majority public ownership. The BSC Kranj currently employs 18 people as full time employees. Two of them have Masters of Science degrees and 14 have different various university degrees. Furthermore, the BSC works together with a large network of external experts. The employees are widely experienced in the field of partnership development, the EU, international and local project management.

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