asociacija VIVA SOL (Lithuania)

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Viva Sol is an association of small farmers and eaters which promotes autonomous peasant farming and supports new entrants to farming in Lithuania.
Key facts and figures
– 16 members
– 10 farmers supported
– 3 markets started ;
– more than 200 annual workshop hours

History and mission
Viva Sol (VS), an association of cheese producers and eaters, was established in 2006, with the task of maintaining solidarity between the country and the city and to encourage the settlement of small farmers. Viva Sol believes that a renaissance of rural Lithuania will come from economically, socially and environmentally sustainable forms of farming and the newcomers that this will attract, who are often more open to local, sustainable agriculture.
Two of the founders of Viva Sol are farmers who were newcomers to farming but who had previous business experience outside of farming and outside Lithuania. They chose to establish themselves as farmers and to adopt a peasant approach to farming based on small-scale production, limited inputs, environmentally-friendly production practices, and strong links with consumers and local inhabitants.
Viva Sol’s headquarters are in Darguziai village, 50km south of Vilnius.
Partners : NGO Baltic environemental fund (BEF), municipality of Varena, Craft center of Darguziai, University of Vilnius, professionnal craft school « Sodziaus meistrai », etc.

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