Guide to develop territorial cooperation for education and vocational training in rural areas

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This document “Initiating Territorial Cooperation for Education and Vocational Training in Rural Areas” is the culmination of a European project entitled Inno’VET.
Implemented under Erasmus +, Inno’VET was born from the shared desire of partner organizations to help train young people and adults who live or want to live in rural areas and to contribute to the attractiveness and development of rural areas.
Territories continue to face the effects of economic globalization. At the same time, they are changing as a result of social, digital and environmental mutations, which often turn out to be new opportunities. The challenge is to enable all assets to meet the demand for skills of the local productive system, but also to develop new skills that can promote the transformation and competitiveness of businesses. In this new context, the challenge for education and vocational training systems is to become more relevant and more agile.

0V Eng_Développer des coopérations territoriales_Sept 2019
0VEng_Développer des coopérations territoriales_Sept 2019

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