Episode IV.2 – Connecting vocational training and local actors

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Location: Fjölsmiðjan

Date: March 8th 2018

Participants (organisations): UNMFFREO (France), FD MFR Reunion (France), IFOCAP (France), Sol et Civilisation (France), OFFA (Belgium), Verkmenntaskólinn á Akureyri – VMA (Iceland), GAL Napoca Porolissum (Romania), Viva Sol (Lithuania), BSC (Slovenia) and Fjölsmiðjan (Iceland).


After the visit in VMA the participants had lunch at Fjölsmiðjan which is a vocational training center for young people that have not found their place in education or work, aged 16-24 . At Fjölsmiðjan youngsters are given the opportunity to train for the general labour market or continuing education. Fjölsmiðjan was founded in 2007 by several different local actors; the Red Cross, Akureyri Municipality, the Directorate of Labour and some local labour unions. The training center is funded by the municipality, the Directorate of Labour and the Ministry of Education.

Every day, about 20 youngsters and 4 mentors work on various projects in the training center. Fjölsmiðjan strives to be well-connected to the local labour market and social resources as it seeks to offer diverse opportunities in work and education for the young people. It is Fjölsmiðjan´s main goal that the young people leave their vocational training more fit for the labour market and as stronger individuals both socially and academically. 


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